Protects and colours your wood in one single layer

RMC Siding-Oil Duo System




Decorative and durable protection for vertical exterior wood.


The RMC Siding Oil Duo System consists of a pre-colouring with RMC Sunprimer Color in a matching
colour of the fi nishing oil from the range of RMC Siding Oil.



  • Spectacular penetration of the colour pigments through the nanotechnology of the RMC Sunprimer Color.
  • Optimal protection against the effect of UV rays.
  • Water resistant, effective against mould forming.
  • Durable protection through the molecular binding of the RMC Siding Oil (1 layer!)
  • Breathable.
  • Prevents discolouration and flaking.
  • 0% VOC: environmentally friendly!
  • Suitable for thermally treated wood.
  • Enriches the natural appeal of the wood.
  • The system is available in a wide range of standard colours.

Also suitable for industrial finish, both with oxidative and UV drying systems

1l - 2,5 l - 5 l can. 

Do not use this product without consulting the full instruction and technical sheet



  Technical data sheet