Protects and colours your wood in one single layer

RMC Exterior Wood Cleaner



Rubio Monocoat Exterior Wood Cleaner is used to clean wooden decks, fences, outside doors, carports and so forth. Removes grey discolouration, mildew stains and dirt.


All new, greying and previously treated wood should be treated beforehand with RMC Exterior Wood Cleaner. 


New wood

> grease that appears naturally in some types of wood is removed.

> the natural pigmentation is washed out and as a result the colours of the primer will be more stable afterwards.

> the pores are opened, whereby the action of the nano pigments of our primer can be guaranteed in a better way, and the result will be smoother.      
Already treated and greying wood 

> the application will degrease and degrey the wood.
Hereby you always start with a smooth colour, resulting in more control over the final result. 

1L - 5L can.

Do not use this product without consulting the full instruction and technical sheet.



  Technical data sheet