Protects and colours your wood in one single layer



   Rubio EasyBond is a new generation one-component parquet adhesive based on silane-polymer technology and complies with new standard ISO 17178. One parquet adhesive for almost all wood types and substrates makes the choise very easy for you. Easy also because there is no danger of damage to the surface finish of your parquet.You can rest assured even in the long term. Rubio EasyBond is extremely durable and guarantees a long-term effective bond.


 Universal use for all wood types and all situations

Don`t give it another thought – Rubio EasyBond makes it easy. The adhesive is suitable for almost all wood types and all substrates. Including solid and engineered parquet as well as sub-parquet, end-grain wood, cork and other challenging wood types. This new generation of adhesive takes the best from everything thus combining important properties such as strength and elasticity in the same adhesive, and complies with the new standard ISO 17178.


 Durable, tough and elastic adhesive without softening agents

Your customer wants a nice floor that will stand the test of time and so will not start to warp or form seams. This is precisely why we chose an adhesive with no softening agents and that is tough and elastic, two qualities that make for a durable parquet adhesive.


 ... No softening agents = no premature ageing

Softening agents are oily liquids that are added to synthetics in order to make these more flexible. This can be compared with adding water to clay whereby the clay becomes suppler. Softening agents make adhesive very elastic and cheap. The adhesive loses its elasticity over time due to the migration of the softening agents. This process is accelerated in the case of underfloor heating.


Rubio EasyBond parquet adhesive contains no softening agents but has a high polymer content making the adhesive harder but also more durable with a greater adhesive capacity. The fact that Rubio EasyBond contains no softening agents means there is no migration, the adhesive composition does not change so there is no risk of premature ageing. This makes the parquet adhesive extremely suitable for underflooring heating.



Everything remains in its place

An adhesive that is too elastic will give the wood too much flexibility and an adhesive that is too stiff will break. The tough and elastic composition of Rubio EasyBond gives wood just enough flexibility but not so much that the wood starts to become distorted or cupped. This type of adhesive is also easy to sand and can also be used as a filler...


 High-quality alternative for two-component PU adhesive

A parquet adhesive whereby quality is the top priority often calls for a two-component polyurethane adhesive due to the fast hardening, very good adhesion and its tough and elastic character. Rubio EasyBond is the perfect alternative: it offers the same advantages without the inconveniences of a 2-component PU adhesive. It consists of one component, there are no odours, left-over adhesive is easy to remove from the floor and there are no black hands or isocyanates in the adhesive so no allergic reactions of the skin.


 Lasting sound insulation

Complies with the following norm: 12kB-DIN EN150 717-2



Rubio EasyBond parquet adhesive is solvent free and so is not hazardous to the environment. The adhesive also contains no isocyanates so the danger of skin allergies is minimal. Adhesive residue can simply be removed from the bucket after hardening whereby the empty bucket can be perfectly recycled.



The right choice of rheological additives makes for a high level of resistance. This will allow the adhesive to move through so the grains and the adhesive strips remain nicely upright resulting in a nice even surface for the parquet in combination with easy hideability.



Rubio EasyBond was subjected to all possible tests both in the laboratory and on actual sites. We therefore venture to say with certainty and the necessaray pride that Rubio EasyBond offers superior adhesion thanks to its high polymer content. In normal circumstances, it is therefore also not necessary to first apply a primer to a healthy substrate. Consult the technical data sheet for more details.



Rubio EasyBond contains no softening agents means there is no migration and the adhesive`s composition does not change. This is why you don`t need to worry about damage to the surface finish afterwards as the adhesive simply contains nothing that can migrate to the wood. Very reassuring isn`t it?



The parquet can be polished after 12 hours saving a great deal of time compared to other adhesives. Because there are no softening agents in the adhesive, these cannot migrate and we can guarantee durable adhesion.